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Boat Buying Tips

Purchasing a new boat is much like buying a new home; the process is similar as well. When considering purchasing a new boat or a used boat you need to consider some things. First take a look at where you will use your boat. The body of water you will be on will have a lot to do with the type of boat you purchase. If you are planning on using your boat on multiple bodies of water you need to make sure your vehicle is capable of towing the boat. You should also take some time to think about the amenities that are a must have as the more the amenities a boat has the more you will be spending. When you're ready to begin shopping make sure you strongly consider the following tips for buying:

Whether you're looking to purchase a $2,000 boat or a $2,000,000 boat, researching your purchase is a must! Check NADA Guides to see if the asking price is supported by the industry. Also, see if there are any performance tests available so that you know exactly what to expect from the vessel you purchase. Not only should you research the particular boat you're interested in but you should also research the dealer/broker you're dealing with. You may want to consider asking the dealer/broker for references as well.

Once you have found a boat that you like, check out the history of the boat through the use of the Boat History Report. You may find out that the boat you are looking at may have had problems in the past. It is best NOT to gamble when investing good money into a vessel.

Hire a Surveyor

You wouldn't buy a home without an inspection and you shouldn't purchase a boat without one as well. A professionally trained surveyor can spot problems with a boat that the average person can not. Having a survey done professionally is an additional cost to you but the cost of unexpected repairs after you purchase will cost you drastically more!

Shop Around

The Internet puts thousands of boats at your fingertips. Take the time to look at all the boats that meet your needs then make your decision as to which one is perfect for your situation.


The boat buying process can at times be a long process with the hours of time invested to ensure you're getting the boat of your dreams from a reputable seller. Your hard work and effort will surely pay off by creating memories spending endless hours of fun in the sun.

Boat Selling Tips

When trying to sell your used boat there are many factors to consider. In most cases customers that are looking to purchase a used boat have a hard time finding that perfect used boat in their area so they broaden their search. We have compiled a brief list of things to do and things to consider when selling your used boat. You have already made a great decision by turning to Used Boat Yard to help you sell your boat. With the following six simple tips for selling your used boat, you should see great results!

Use the Internet

We highly recommend not only listing your boat on our site but on other websites as well to ensure maximum exposure to your used boat. The Internet has changed the way consumers buy and sell everything, including used boats! The bulk of your advertising dollars should be spent on the Internet as the Internet will put your boat in the customer's family rooms all over the world!

Multiple Photos is Key

Since many consumers that are in the market for a used boat will not be in your local area, you will need to sell your boat with pictures. By using Used Boat Yard you will have the ability to post up to 16 photos of your boat! The number of pictures allowed on other used boat websites will vary but we understand the importance of pictures! When taking pictures make sure you take them from many different angles including exterior, interior and special equipment. Many used boat shoppers may be intrigued by the fact that your boat has one or two more features than the last boat they looked at. Do not miss the chance of selling your boat because your pictures are limited to a couple exterior shots, cockpit and cabin.

Cleanliness, Cleanliness, Cleanliness

Before you even think about posting your used boat on any site make sure that it is clean. If a shopper sees a dirty boat and then a clean boat chances are they will call or email about the listing with the clean boat. Sounds simple but it is a major mistake people make when listing a boat. Remember, the customer is not in front of you so you need to sell your boat in pictures and words.


The selling price is going to have a great deal to do with the amount of interest you receive in a boat advertisement. To see what the boat should valued at, try looking it up through the NADA Guide. Everyone is looking for a good deal these days, however, if you present a boat in a clean professional manner, you will get the interest of buyers. If you are selling your boat for more than it is actually valued at, you must justify it. Take time to point out the additional features that your boat has that many boats priced less may not have.


Along with the boat's pictures and price, your description will play a huge role in the success of selling the boat. Many sites restrict how much text you can add to your listing. Used Boat Yard allows as many words as it takes to describe your boat to the customer. Used Boat Yard does not suggest writing too much as you can quickly lose the reader's interest with the life story of your boat, Used Boat Yard does suggest including the following:
  • When you bought the boat.
  • All aftermarket features.
  • Installation date of aftermarket features.
  • Price paid for the aftermarket upgrades.
  • If maintenance records are available, state that as well.

While content is very important, layout of the text is another key factor. Used Boat Yard allows some HTML formatting to be used in the descripition. A nicely laid out list is easier to read than a bunch of run together sentences!

Contact Information

A rapid response to all email or phone calls will show the consumer that you are a professional and serious seller. Emails or voicemails should always be responded to within a 12 hour time frame. The email or phone call shows that the buyer is potentially interested in your used boat but you must remember that the shopper is still online looking at other boats just like yours.

These six key factors to selling a used boat will help not only sell the boat, but get closer to the asking price for it in a timely manner. appreciates the opportunity to earn your business and wish you the best of luck with the sale of your boat.