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The most important part of any boating experience: Safety

As the season is getting underway, please make it a point to carefully know your safety equipment and inspect each piece since those aboard your vessel will look to you when there's something going wrong and they become worried. Inspect the seams and buckles of your life preservers. Make sure you al[...]

Learn your knots!

As a novice boater, I thought I could tie a few knots which could hold most anything. I found out that I was wrong. Being wrong isn’t a bad thing, it’s a motivation to learn and ask questions. Being afraid to ask the questions could be damaging to your wallet and to your boat.

There a[...]

Boat Safety Course: A Class That You Should Take To Ensure Proper Operation of Your Boat

Boating is fun. It is an activity that you can do alone or with your friends. With today's hectic lifestyle, many people are taking up hobbies, such as boating, to relieve stress. The fact that boating will help you relax is the reason why more and more people are taking up boating as a hobby.

Boating Safety Course: What to Expect From the Different Classes Involved

Boating is one of the great ways to relax yourself. This activity is also one of the best ways to spend time with your family. Just imagine you and your family spending time together and having fun in the middle of the lake. Or, it can also be a great way to hang out with your friends.


Boating Safety Tips

Having a safe and fun day on the water simply requires a little planning and a heavy dose of common sense. Most boaters are so much about having fun on the water that they sometimes overlook some FUNdamentals. Since boating is such a pleasurable treat, its very easy to let your guard down. So here[...]


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