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Finding Your Perfect Sailboat

When you first start looking at sailboats, you'll realize that there are a lot of options. There are so many different types of boats that it can be pretty confusing when you are first getting started. This article will help you narrow down your choices so you can find your perfect sailboat.

Tips for Buying a Used Boat

So you decided to jump in and buy yourself a boat. Congratulations on your decision but before your give them a bag full of cash there are a few things you must do. A proper inspection of the various components and parts of the boat will save you from many hassles, multiple repairs and wasted money.[...]

Buying A Boat - Basics For Beginners

Ask yourself two basic questions before you do your boat-buying research. First, what will you be fishing for? Are you looking for a quiet sunrise break on the lake? Or do you want to test your skill on the high seas? Second, when and where will you do your fishing? That quick sunrise fishing trip a[...]

Guide to Buying a Boat

You have always dreamed of owning a boat. You finally have the money you need to purchase it. Are you sure you are ready? Before you put up the large amount of money necessary to purchase a boat, make sure you are getting a good deal on a boat you can realistically use.


Popular Ski Boats

Cruising the waters and going for a ski on your new ski boat is the perfect way to enjoy those long deserved days off.A popular outing and sport, water sking has been around for a number of generations.

To ski on water you not only need the right kind of skis, but also the rig[...]

Advice on Buying a New or Used Boat

Buying a new boat:

Are you planning on purchasing a new boat? Whether you are a first time boat owner, or have been navigating the waters for decades, there are a few steps you should take. As exciting as it is; buying a new boat is not something that you should just jump into.


Good Reasons to Buy a Boat

Boating is a water sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The best reason to buy a boat, as many people already know, is being with friends and family, relaxing in the outdoors and being close to nature. With a boat, a family does not need to spend a fortune or travel to a theme park just [...]

Shopping for a Boat

For some people it only takes one experience on a boat for them to realize that they must have one. It probably wont take long to spot that dream boat either. Before you go and sign away your life for it though, there are some things you need to consider and some ways in which to get you the same bo[...]

Used Boat Buying

A new boat is of course the best option for those who have the money and plan to keep one boat for a significant time. However, for those who happen to be on a budget or are skeptical about owning a boat, a used boat is a wise alternative. Despite the negative perception, buying used is a great o[...]

What Can I Expect To Find At A Boat Show

Boat shows have become very popular ways for boat manufacturers to showcase their products and for consumers to research, dream about and perhaps even purchase a boat. There are as many different kinds of boat shows as there are boats with shows specializing in luxury yachts, wooden boats, power boa[...]

How to Buy a Boat

When shopping for a boat, there are many things to take into consideration. Most importantly, you should know, as precisely as possible, what style, year, and brand of boat you want, what options are important to you and what your boating budget will be. The more homework you do before shopping, the[...]

Masters of all they survey - Boat Smart

Sign your name to a 30-year mortgage on a house without a home inspection? Not on your life! Buy a used car without a mechanic's once-over? No way! Thinking about buying a used boat without a survey? Big, big mistake! When it comes to buying a used boat, random hull-thumping is about as revealing[...]

A fare share: a different approach to boat buying

Are you considering buying a boat, or moving up to a bigger one? Before you pull out your checkbook, you may want to consider whether you want to share the purchase cost with others rather than going it alone. Many companies are now offering an alternative to owning your own boat--allowing more peop[...]

Boat-buying Tips To Save Time And Money

You're in the market for a boat and you'd love to buy one at the next boat show. But which boat is the right one for you? It's hard to know, especially if you're a first-time buyer. A boat is a big investment, so it's important to do careful research to find the one that best meets your needs. Bu[...]

Buying The Right Boat For You

You might never have owned a boat before, or you might already have your own boat, but it doesn't suit you. Here are the things that you need to consider before purchasing a boat. How will you use it? Are you going to be boating mostly alone? Or will you typically be fishing with one or two ot[...]

Deciding Upon A Used Or New Boat From Boat Dealers

There are pros and cons to every vehicle, and this is no different when it comes to boats. As with cars there are always hundreds of used boats available, and in an ideal situation you should look at newer models first. Used boats Used boats can be a great option, especially for those who don't [...]

Considering Buying A Boat?

Usually when you get to the stage of buying a boat, you will have had some previous experience of boating. You may be looking for a replacement, new or used, or it could be that after spending many a good time on a friends boat that you feel it time to have your own. Check out the market. There are [...]

How To Find The Perfect Boat

It's difficult enough for an experienced boater to find the perfect boat, but for a first time boater it can be even more difficult. However, there are a few key areas that can help your quest to find the perfect boat. Types of boats Boats will typically fall into five categories: - fishing b[...]

Used Boats

The one benefit of purchasing a used boat is that it will come cheaper than a new one, and is generally better equipped. Added to that, a used boat has a proven track record. On the downside, upgrading a used boat will eventually cost you money. If you choose to purchase a used boat, there are ma[...]

Analyze the Costs Before You Buy a Boat

Owning a boat costs much more over time than the actual purchase and the fuel to run the boat. There are two types of costs associated with owning a boat: one-time costs like the actual purchase, titling and outfitting of the boat and ongoing costs like fuel, insurance, maintenance and docking. W[...]

Picking the Right Boat

There are two questions that should be considered when choosing the right boat: "What will be the fishing for?" and "where will the fishing activities be?" Always look for the signs of quality check the carpet and the compartments - they could be plastic, metal or fiberglass. Look at the little but [...]

Choosing The Right Boat For You

If you're a first time boat buyer the choice of boats available for purchase can be bewildering. How do you make sense of all the choices? Well, the first time boat buyer needs to avoid buying on impulse and take a close hard look at how they intend to use the boat. If not, your romance with boating[...]

Tips on Buying Fishing Boats

Selecting and acquiring the ideal fishing boat is a real art for someone who has already gone through many experiences as far as boating is concerned. However, it can be a daunting task to those who have not yet experienced buying a fishing boat. To make the activity easier for the first timers, [...]

Boat Loans - And How to Get One

At first glance financing a boat is a terrifying task. Most bankers approve or disapprove boat loans in less than an hour; they enjoy offering instant gratification on loans. If the lender has an Internet web site, they can often make a decision in minutes, 24 hours per day, and seven days a week. Y[...]

4 Tips For Buying The Perfect Fishing Boat

The sun is about to rise and the weather is crisp. You pack your tackle box, grab your pole and buy some worms. You make your way to the fishing dock dreaming you had the perfect fishing boat so you were landlocked no more. Now that dream can become reality with these 4 easy tips for finding and pur[...]


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