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Learn your knots!

January 27, 2014

As a novice boater, I thought I could tie a few knots which could hold most anything. I found out that I was wrong. Being wrong isn’t a bad thing, it’s a motivation to learn and ask questions. Being afraid to ask the questions could be damaging to your wallet and to your boat.

There are a number of tutorials online where you can get the information to build your confidence about which knot to use in each specific event. The best form of information is taken from those who sailed before us. I’ve found situations where I have chosen the wrong knot and the array has slipped where it’s caused me some grief and I wished I had listened a bit more carefully or had learned a different knot to fit the situation. I found a man near the marina where I store my boat to be the most helpful. A cup of coffee and a look of confusion/frustration and he could tell that I was having some issues with my strand of rope.

He approached me as I was fiddling with my attempt at a common knot, only to tell me I was doing it wrong and he took the rope and made it look like child’s play. After carefully watching him 3 times in a row, I attempted to tie the knot and failed until he reached over to give me the hints that his grandfather taught him.

Take the time to get to know more about knots and if you don’t know, take the time to get to know others within your community of boaters. They will not only teach you how to tie a knot, but also may help bring you into a community where you will be the one to pass along your knowledge to the next boater who needs to know the power of passing along sage advice.

Source: Thomas Murray. Co-Owner


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